The Samsung Galaxy S5 extended battery is an excellent choice for those who want to experience more fun and mange more tasks with their Samsung Galaxy S5 phones, without worrying about their battery charge running out. It allows you to use an external USB battery charger with just about any mobile device, easily swap out a dead battery for a fully-charged replacement, and at the same time, allows you to easily charge your spare battery from merely anyplace outside of your phone. Also unlike other alternatives, the Samsung S5 extended battery enable users to enjoy constant power supply for a much extended period.

The Anker 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo for Samsung Galaxy S5


This battery is purposefully designed to provide Galaxy S5 users, great potential and unlimited usage of their phones. It is of high quality, and adds more extra power and great capacity to your Samsung S5 phone, for a much extended period in the lack of another priority power source. The product acquires most of its appeal from its Anker lithium-ion battery capacity of 7500mAh, which in a way almost triples the original battery life of your Galaxy S5. Also the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material is convenient to absorb any kind of impact that might harm your phone. The biggest downside of this product, however, is that it lacks Near Field Computing support (NFC) and although it adds less weight, it still has a bulky appearance.

Mugen Power 5900mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 with Battery Door


For a long time, Mugen batteries have been known by many people to have a lasting impression. This Samsung Galaxy S5 extended battery acquires much of its appeal from providing wireless capabilities, which means you don’t have to seek a power source to charge your phone’s battery. It also has a much highly efficient extended battery, which doubles the original battery life of your Galaxy S5. More so, its NFC works perfectly! The major setback about this battery though, is that it lacks a bumper, which would have made it easier to fit in users hands quite easily.

Galaxy S5 Battery Case – UNU Unity 2800mAh Portable Charger


This is among the very best thing that has been incorporated in Galaxy S5 phones so far. The case is quite strong and protects your Smartphone screen and device from any potential scratches or dents. Although the case sometimes makes it quite daunting to press your phone’s buttons at first, over time you’ll find it much fulfilling while operating the buttons. Also the case protects your phone’s screen from any scuff marks, even though the case feels a little heavy than other alternatives nevertheless. More so, this case is quite rare to find in the market, so better hurry and buy before stock cut-short in supply.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Battery and superior quality case is the way to go to ensure your phone’s battery acquires a long-lasting battery life, and its screen is well-protected from any potential dents or scratches — that it’s usually vulnerable to. At least more than ever, you can be able to experience more fun and manage tasks seamlessly without any fear of your battery running low. Also unlike other ordinary batteries, the Galaxy S5 extended battery also comes with much enhanced capabilities like wireless charging and some of them provide NFC support, which makes phone operations become quite fulfilling and easy to adapt.

Spider-Man is one of coolest superheroes around. Unlike Batman or even Superman, he seems to take life lightly. He likes to joke around even while fighting some of the most dangerous villains in the world. These are the qualities that have made the web slinger the most loved and popular superheroes. He is admired by both children and adult comic book fans. It is not surprising to know that Spider-Man toys are also very popular, not only among children but also among serious action toy and figure collectors. Below are short reviews of some interesting Spider-Man toys that are available in the market.

Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man 3.75 Inch Figure by Hasbro

Hasbro is one of the most trusted toy manufacturers in the market. This is because they do not only make high quality toys, their product lines are also very affordable. One of the newest Spider-Man action figure in the market is the Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man 3.75 Inch Figure from Hasbro. The Marvel Infinite Series line replaces the Marvel Universe line. This version of Spider-Man sports the black and green suit that is featured in the Big Time comic book series. In the comics, the suit uses omni-harmonic mesh and allows Spidey to become invisible by bending light. This figure features a pain-job that is faithful to the look in the comics and – as expected from a Hasbro figure – features excellent articulation. The size and price point of this figure makes it perfect for kids and for adults who are just starting to build an action figure collection.

Legends (Infinite Series)Spider-Man 6″ Action Figure by Hasbro

Also by Hasbro, this 6″ Spider-Man action figure is for the more serious collectors out there. This version of the web slinger features the red and blue suit of Spider-Man that we are all familiar with. So if you are in the hunt for a classic Spider-Man toy then this one is for you. This figure comes with 6 accessories including 4 replacement hands, a replacement head that shows Peter Parker’s smiling mouth and even pizza, the hero’s favorite snack item. Being a part of the Build-A-Figure Line, the package also includes the left leg of Spider-Man’s enemy the Hobgoblin. This means that if you will buy the other figures in the series, you can already assemble your own Hobgoblin figure. This figure is very poseable thanks to its excellent articulation and accessories.

Diamond Select Marvel Spider-Man Figure

Diamond Select toys are popular among serious toy and action figure collectors because of their excellent poseability and outstanding paint work. At 7 inches, this Spider-Man figure is the biggest among the figures featured in this article. It is also the most expensive. But the price is well worth it. Apart from having multiple points of articulation, this figure also comes with a deluxe display base, a wrecked automobile instead of the usual plain circular or rectangular display bases that come with other figures. If you are on the lookout for an excellent classic Spider-Man toy, then Diamond Select release is the one for you.

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Gaming on a pc can either be a great experience or a horrible one depending on the combination of the hardware used to assemble the computer. Your budget will be the ultimate limit to what kind of gamer pc you end up building. The mistake that most novices make is that a high percentage of their budgets are spent on one specific part instead of carefully balancing all the parts together.

The Budget

To start off your budget must realistically be in line with the resolution and target frame rate you intend to be playing the game at. It’s simply not possible to build a kick ass PC with a budget of under $500. For that money expect to be gaming on resolutions of 720p and lower. If you want to play games at 1080p at 60 frames per second and above expect to shell out at least $1000. The most important parts of the PC that affect your computer gaming performance are graphics card, processor and the amount of RAM. The other parts that you need are case, Power supply, hard drives and ROM drives.

The Graphics card(s)

There are two mainstream graphics cards that you could pick from as your GPU, NVidia and AMD Radeon. Currently NVidia have the most powerful Single Graphics card known as GTX Titan X whilst the AMD flagship card is the Radeon R9 290x. These are enthusiast cards that can game up to 4k resolutions albeit at target frame rates of 30-40 Frames per second (FPS). A good hint with GPUs is that the lower the price the worse performing the graphics card is. If possible a lot at least 25% to 30% of the budget to it.

The Processor

Processors are whole different beast that you will be dealing it. The processor must be matched directly in line with the graphics card. For example if you pick a GPU that’s $250 then you should buy a processor that is around $150 to $250. Like GPUs the more money you spend the better performance you are going to get until you reach the point of diminishing returns, that’s usually at $250. The best performing processors at this price are the Intel core i5 chips.

The Gaming PC Power Supply

The power supply you use should at least have a bronze rating and have a minimum power rating of 600w so that you could handle all the power the graphics cards and the Processors needs.

The Motherboard

The Mother board must have a PCI express slot to accommodate the graphics card and must also be compatible with the Processor you intend to choose. For RAM at least pick a minimum of 8GB because games are now becoming memory hogs. You are advised to have more than two hard drives. One for the OS and the other for moving data and installation of the games. A Blu-ray rom drive is recommended because the discs have capacities of up to 50GB. When picking a case, keep in mind on what cooling solutions you intend to use. A large case is great for cooling fans and a smaller case is ideal for liquid cooling.

All the Fancy Peripherals a Gamer Needs

These are all the main parts that you need for a proper gamer PC. You could either use a mouse and keyboard for gaming or you could purchase an Xbox controller.