The Best Spider-Man Toys Available

Spider-Man is one of coolest superheroes around. Unlike Batman or even Superman, he seems to take life lightly. He likes to joke around even while fighting some of the most dangerous villains in the world. These are the qualities that have made the web slinger the most loved and popular superheroes. He is admired by both children and adult comic book fans. It is not surprising to know that Spider-Man toys are also very popular, not only among children but also among serious action toy and figure collectors. Below are short reviews of some interesting Spider-Man toys that are available in the market.

Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man 3.75 Inch Figure by Hasbro

Hasbro is one of the most trusted toy manufacturers in the market. This is because they do not only make high quality toys, their product lines are also very affordable. One of the newest Spider-Man action figure in the market is the Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man 3.75 Inch Figure from Hasbro. The Marvel Infinite Series line replaces the Marvel Universe line. This version of Spider-Man sports the black and green suit that is featured in the Big Time comic book series. In the comics, the suit uses omni-harmonic mesh and allows Spidey to become invisible by bending light. This figure features a pain-job that is faithful to the look in the comics and – as expected from a Hasbro figure – features excellent articulation. The size and price point of this figure makes it perfect for kids and for adults who are just starting to build an action figure collection.

Legends (Infinite Series)Spider-Man 6″ Action Figure by Hasbro

Also by Hasbro, this 6″ Spider-Man action figure is for the more serious collectors out there. This version of the web slinger features the red and blue suit of Spider-Man that we are all familiar with. So if you are in the hunt for a classic Spider-Man toy then this one is for you. This figure comes with 6 accessories including 4 replacement hands, a replacement head that shows Peter Parker’s smiling mouth and even pizza, the hero’s favorite snack item. Being a part of the Build-A-Figure Line, the package also includes the left leg of Spider-Man’s enemy the Hobgoblin. This means that if you will buy the other figures in the series, you can already assemble your own Hobgoblin figure. This figure is very poseable thanks to its excellent articulation and accessories.

Diamond Select Marvel Spider-Man Figure

Diamond Select toys are popular among serious toy and action figure collectors because of their excellent poseability and outstanding paint work. At 7 inches, this Spider-Man figure is the biggest among the figures featured in this article. It is also the most expensive. But the price is well worth it. Apart from having multiple points of articulation, this figure also comes with a deluxe display base, a wrecked automobile instead of the usual plain circular or rectangular display bases that come with other figures. If you are on the lookout for an excellent classic Spider-Man toy, then Diamond Select release is the one for you.

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